Coronavirus party goers hope to get sick and develop antibodies

The latest theme parties, in fashion, have Washington State health officials, and the rest of us, quite flummoxed. The news out of Walla Walla is that some of Earth's special children are ignoring community health recommendations and purposely exposing themselves and others to the Coronavirus.

Walla Walla County's Department of Community Health Director, Meghan DeBolt, told the Union-Bulletin this week that some of her county's unfortunate mouth breathers are attending parties to bite the bullet, get sick with the virus, and get it over with.

DeBolt said new positive test results in the county have been traced such gatherings. You read that right: do a keg stand, play some beer pong, get and spread Covid-19 on purpose.

The Washington State Department of Health also issued a statement regarding the "coronavirus parties" saying they are "alarmed." 

“Gathering in groups in the midst of this pandemic can be incredibly dangerous and puts people at increased risk for hospitalization and even death,” John Wiesman, Washington State Secretary of Health stated. "Furthermore, it is unknown if people who recover from COVID-19 have long-term protection. There is still a lot we don’t know about this virus, including any long-term health issues which may occur after infection. This kind of unnecessary behavior may create a preventable uptick in cases which further slows our state's ability to gradually reopen.”

Hobbies are good and can help keep you sane. But, in the course of recorded human history, Amateur Doctorin' has rarely put anyone in the win column.

Coronavirus Parties aim to lay out a different type of spread

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