Armed Robber Leaves after Victim Refuses to Cooperate

Clearly, today's armed robbers aren't as dedicated to their work as they used to be. For proof of this, look no further than Fresno, California, where a would-be thief bailed on an attempted robbery at an ATM because his victim wasn't cooperative.

The incident happened Monday night at a Bank of America ATM, police say. After the victim had withdrawn money, he was approached by an armed man who demanded he hand over the cash, police say. The victim refused, so the thief fired a shot into the ground and repeated the demand. The victim said "no" again, so the robber chased him around a parked car for two or three laps, according to police. Finally, the frustrated thief gave up and took off, empty-handed.

Police have launched an investigation in hopes of determining the thief's identity, a spokesman says.

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