Trail Blazers Offer Moda Center Fans Digital Collectible

Photo: Ford, Brad

On Wednesday, January 25, the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Utah Jazz and are collaborating with Dapper Labs, creators of NBA Top Shot, to bring all fans in attendance at Moda Center the opportunity to obtain a free digital collectible. The exclusive digital collectible will feature franchise all-time leading scorer, Damian Lillard, and will only be accessible to fans attending the game.  

To claim the collectible, fans will scan QR codes posted throughout the arena and store their collectible in a Dapper Wallet, with each collectible individually serial numbered. Unique in the sports digital collectible space, the Damian Lillard collectible will utilize LAVA, an industry-leading Fan Engagement Platform supporting Web3, to provide additional real-life experiences to season ticket holders. To further expand the fan experience and provide real life benefits to the digital collectible, the additional experiences include access to unique in-arena photo opportunities and exclusive in-arena discounts. The Damian Lillard digital collectible will only be available to hold in your Dapper Wallet, selling and trading of the collectible is not available. 

This first-of-its-kind collaboration with Dapper Labs and LAVA allows the Trail Blazers to innovatively bring fans’ passion for Rip City and sports collectibles into the digital landscape. Dapper Labs uses blockchain technology to give fans the ability to collect their favorite in game video highlights as officially licensed digital collectibles. On NBA Top Shot, fans can trade, buy or sell licensed digital collectibles of their favorite in-game video Moments featuring the greatest and most sought-after NBA plays throughout the season and in NBA history, to curate the ultimate collection of unforgettable game experiences. Then, utilizing its Realtime Data Experience platform TM, LAVA helps the Portland Trail Blazers unlock its Web2 infrastructure to deliver Web3 experiences with real life utility.  

The Portland Trail Blazers are ready to take on the Utah Jazz and take the fan experience beyond the court and into digital collectibles. For more information about the game visit, to learn more about Dapper Labs and NBA Top Shot, visit and, and to learn more about LAVA, visit Lava/ai/sports.   

Source: Portland Trail Blazers

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