Fatboy Slim Wishes He Never Met David Bowie: 'I Was Just Deflated'

Photo: Getty Images

The phrase "never meet your heroes" isn't just for the general population. During a recent interview, Fatboy Slim (real name Norman Cook) opened up about why he regrets meeting David Bowie, saying the interaction left him "deflated."

The subject came up when the legendary DJ was asked if he thought people should meet their heroes. “Umm… most of them,” he responded. When pressed about who he wished he'd never met, he finally divulged "it's David Bowie."

Cook went on to explain that the incident took place after Bowie held a private show in London to prepare for an upcoming tour. The "Praise You" star was at the peak of his career at the time and approached the Thin White Duke at the afterparty to ask for a cigarette. “I’d had a few drinks, by the way,” he recalled. When Cook approached Bowie, he looked at him blankly and handed him a cigarette.

“I’m Fatboy Slim, by the way”, Cook said, to which Bowie responded “Yeah, I know” before continuing his conversation with someone else.

“I was just deflated,” Cook admitted before adding that Bowie was “perfectly civil” but just seemed “unimpressed” by the DJ.

“Most of the people who you love are lovely really and the bigger they are the lovelier they tend to be. They don’t need to prove their ego or that they’re cleverer than you," he clarified. “The big ones are just really nice people.”

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