This Is What HAIM Would Sound Like If They Were Australian

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Have you ever wondered what HAIM would sound like if they were Australian? Well, wonder no more!

The band recently posted a TikTok where they tested out their Australian accents. In the clip, Alana, Danielle and Este take turns saying various phrases in the accent, including: "hello, we're playing a show" and "what are we going to play? 'I Know Alone?'" They wrote in the caption, "lol we love you australia please let us into the country." It's really one of those videos you have to hear to get the full effect, so make sure to check it out below.

When they're not trying on different accents, the sister trio has been in the studio working on their fourth album together. The album will follow 2020's Women in Music Pt. III. They shared the news in another TikTok where Este and Danielle try to drag Alana through a door as she struggles to escape their grasp. “When your sisters are making you get back in the studio but you were born to be an Oscar award winning actress,” the text reads, referring to Alana's debut starring film role in 2021's Licorice Pizza.

In addition, the sisters are set to support Taylor Swift on her highly-anticipated Eras Tour.

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