Phoebe Bridgers Reveals Artist Who Inspired Her Career

Photo: Getty Images

Phoebe Bridgers made a special appearance at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Award's red carpet to discuss her latest projects, recent tour experiences, friendship with Taylor Swift, and more! In 2021, Bridgers was featured on Swift's "Nothing New." She credited the "Lover" singer as an empowering force and inspiration to not only her career, but to women across the globe.

"Well she means the world to me, I think she's such an integral part of everyone's life but you know, everybody feels like they have a personal relationship with her. She rocks. I don't know, she's just the best." Bridgers shared that she has no idea if she will join Swift on tour this year, but it could happen!

"Who knows? I have no idea what's going to happen. Like everybody else, i'm kind of just watching it unfold online. It's been so fun, like all the videos i've been seeing. So, i'm so excited to go play." In February, the "Moon Song" artist performed "Ghost in the Machine" on tour with SZA and discussed her lack of preparedness for the surprise appearance.

"I found out the day of MSG that I was going to sing with her. I'm in L.A. I'm like backstage eating chips and someone's like you should be on stage right now, and I like freaked out and almost forgot the words. It was just magical though. I cried after the show too." Relive this year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards special, now through April 17th on Hulu. 

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