Behind The Mic: Tanner from 'Tanner & Drew' On 105.9 The Brew

Hi! I'm Tanner! Here is a little about me...

Radio was my first love. More specifically, Portland radio. My mom and I moved to Portland from Dallas, TX. when I was nine years old, and since I didn't know many people when we got here, I found comfort in a local radio station, 100.3 FM, Z100. The morning show would make me laugh daily and the DJ's on throughout the day kept me going with my favorite songs. Radio! I was hooked! I remember saying to myself "I want to do what those guys are doing."

Fast forward a few years later. I finally got the guts to take the bus down to that radio station, Z100, and introduce myself to the program director. And by "introduce" I mean show up unannounced dressed in a cheap suite with a bag full of Twinkies (I heard a rumor he liked Twinkies). I guess the Twinkies worked because I got the job.

I couldn't believe it. I was actually working at the same radio station that made me fall in love with radio in the first place. It was awesome.

After a few years I moved to Eugene, OR. to start my own show. The goal was to learn as much as I can and hopefully, someday, take my show up to Portland. That's when I met my professional other half, Drew.

Drew and I clicked right away. We would make each other laugh till the point our faces were hurt and knew we had something special. In 2004, we started a radio show called 'The Donkey Show' that was #1 in Eugene and Southern Oregon for over a decade. That finally opened up that door to Portland.

The 'Tanner and Drew' show has been rockin' Portland radio for the last five years with no intentions of slowing down. It's an honor to be apart of this company, this city and people's every day lives.

I've become a big outdoors guy in recent years. Loading up the 4Runner with my dog Cooper and a bunch of camping gear is one of my favorite things to do.

Who doesn't love going to a Blazer game?

5 years and 100 pounds ago...

Some people are willing to do some crazy things for concert tickets...

Sometimes I make weird announcement videos about concert tickets.

I also like to make videos about products I really love.

Conan O'Brien hugged me once. I'm kind of a big deal...

Tanner Xfinity Spot
Tanner Sleep Train Spot A
Tanner Sleep Train Spot B
Tanner Whiskey Town Spot
Tanner Video Only Spot A
Tanner Video Only Spot B

Sometimes I just get excited...

The dream team!

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