We will have boughten a Craigslist zoo in the FLanhandle

The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in Crestview, Florida, needs a new owner, and it could be you.

In the business for sale section of the Oklaoosa County, FL Craigslist page you'll find 10 acre zoo for sale in the panhandle town of Crestview. The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park is a USDA Compliant Zoo with over 90 healthy and happy animals including tigers, an African Lion, monkeys, bob cats, baboons, wolves, otters, a black bear, foxes, sloth, lemurs, llamas and more. But wait, that's not all, the zoo comes with a staff of professional zookeepers, a 600 square foot gift shop, a commissary, a tractor and a golf cart. There's even enough room for you to build a home on-site. Asking price is only $350,000. 



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