Bunny Woman and Horse Man find love in Portland

They met in the carrot section at Whole Foods one snowy afternoon in February.  An unlikely pairing, some of their friends call it kismet.  Some call it an unhealthy obsession with beta-carotene.  But spend 5 minutes in the general vicinity of these two friendly mammals, and you'll call it love.

Horse Man has nothing but glowing words of respect and romance for his new companion.

"We get along great," Horse Man said. "I'm helping her dig herself out of some holes and she's helping me come to terms with a lifetime of people rubbing their crotches on my back, without permission. Nothing can stall our relationship.  I even let her ride bareback!"

While they haven't yet made the big step to move in together, Bunny Woman is ready to give Horse Man's barn a rabbit's touch.

"More holes in the ground. It definitely needs more holes in the ground," mused Bunny Woman.  "My family wants me to wait until next mating season, but I think the time is right." 

Horse Man isn't as sure about the household combination.

"I've been saddled before," Horse Man admitted. "I'll need to spend some time in the pasture thinking about it. I'll also be swatting at flies with my tail and crapping everywhere."

The afternoon I spent throwing feed and heart worm pills to Winnie and Peter was magical.  I wish these two kids the best and I won't be at all surprised to soon receive an orange color-themed nuptials invitation.  I'm betting on an Easter wedding.

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Eugenio Marongiu/Cultura/Getty Images

Photo: Eugenio Marongiu/Cultura/Getty Images



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