Judge T. Estes has a lot going on under his robe

The sordid saga of T. Estes vs. Cagle..

Judge Thomas Estes presides over District Court in Belchertown, Mass. The Commission on Judicial Conduct is seeking to have Judge Estes suspended indefinitely without pay to give lawmakers additional time to decide whether to remove him from the bench for his relationship with Tammy Cagle, who worked in the drug court where Estes sat.  An attorney insists that Judge Estes should not lose his job for the relationship with Ms. Cagle that included sexual acts in his chambers.

Attorney David Hoose told the Supreme Judicial Court today that Judge Thomas Estes has "sinned but has not sinned so severely that it should cost him his career."

Tammy Cagle has accused Estes of pressuring her into performing oral sex acts  on him in his chambers and at her home. Estes denies Cagle's accusations of harassment and insists that the relationship was consensual.

Executive director of the Commission on Judicial Conduct Howard Neff has called Estes' behavior "egregious."

Neff told the court that an indefinite suspension would allow lawmakers more time to decide whether to remove Estes from the bench and restore the general public's trust in the administration of justice.

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