The Mighty Mighty Bosstones play Portland

The Summer music season started with a Friday evening of plaid at the Hawthorne Theatre.

It was hot, sweaty, and punches were nearly thrown. Everything a Bosstones show should be.

Hugs and kisses to the gentleman behind me that got bent out of shape because he couldn't see the band. My recommendation to you sir: get to shows earlier, grow a few inches, wear lifts, and most importantly: STOP WHINING AT SHOWS. Nobody wants to hear it. The idea that I need to move for you at a frickin rock show is absurd. The fact that you doubled down with threats to throw hands shows just how small a man you really are. 

That is why I laughed at you and didn't move an inch. 

The show was incredible, btw. A true time warp that I was happy to be face-blasted with. 

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