Distracted driver nearly chokes on passenger's foot

Sometimes driving gets in the way of getting it in. But not for this couple. A gearshift, steering wheel, and seat belt were no match for one commuter's compulsion to suck foot. 

It wasn't a light suck sesh, either. Dude treats that foot like it's a cocaine ice cream cone. 

If I witnessed such a happening in person, my initial response would be to yell "get a room!" But after some consideration, my interest is piqued. I'd be just as likely to follow them to the nearest Foot Locker and see where this goes. 

However, friends don't let friends fetish and drive. If someone were to rear end these feisty folk mid-suck, Mr. Hoover might be unwillingly digesting a few toes later. 

It's best to keep our foot munching at home, and on camera, for fun and profit.



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