PODCAST - "Whatcha Playing - Detroit: Become Human"

Can humans and androids co-exist in the future? The new episode of the "Whatcha Playing" podcast takes a look at Detroit: Become Human, a game that no-so-subtly is a commentary on our current society.

My guest this week is Heather Houpt and she gave us an in-depth breakdown of Detroit: Become Human. Heather tells us about the backstory on the 3 main characters, Kara, Marcus and Conner, how you end up sympathizing most with the least likable android, how the many choices you can make affect the story and endings, mixed reviews from players and critics, the game's movie level production and the potential of DLC / a sequel.

Enjoy our conversation about Detroit: Become Human and click here to subscribe to the podcast so you catch all of the game talk with "Whatcha Playing"!

Thank you, Heather, for coming on and giving us the thorough breakdown of Detroit: Become Human! You can follow her on Instagram @Film_Sprockett and get Heather's book Fort Marter here.

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