Radiohead To Revisit 'Kid A' And 'Amnesiac'

Most Radiohead fans are divided on what is their "top" album but 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' usually come up. It seems the band is ready to go back to that period of time and revisit where they were. “Recently, I’ve been going through the ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ stuff with the others,” frontman Thom Yorke stated to NME. “We were all a bit mad by the end of that period. We went through the whole crazy ‘OK Computer’ period and I became catatonic at the end of it. Then we worked really hard for a year and a half with really not that many breaks and it was really intense. We didn’t know what the f*ck we were doing, and I was refusing to rehearse anything! Imagine, if you will, the chaos.” He added: “I recently found this box file of all the faxes I was sending and receiving from Stanley [Donwood, visual artist] about the artwork and they’re hilarious. I’ve got all this stuff, pages and pages and photocopies, that I just left strewn around the studios. “Nigel picked them up and thought, ‘We’d better keep these.’ I was so focused and at the same time angry, confused, paranoid. I’m looking at all these people involved, going ‘Who the f*ck are these people?!’ We’re going to do something really cool with all that material.”

They haven't said exactly what they want to do with it but the fact that the wheels are spinning can only be a good thing. Read the full story HERE

Wendy Rollins

Wendy Rollins

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